Hangin' On

Director, Writer, Production Design –  Becky Sui Zhen
Cinematographer & Assistant Direction – Joshua Aylett
Camera Assistant & Lighting – Jensen Cope
Editor – Tobias Willis
Colour Grade – Dan Stonehouse @ Crayon
Producer & Assistant Direction –  Ruth Morris

Production Assistant & Styling – Prue Stent
Production Assistant & Effects – Andre Vanderwert

Hair & Make Up – Marlene Olsson

Woodlings – Bec Jensen, Sarah Aiken, Leah Landau

Thanks to Luca Lana and Otto Ivor for their sweet apartment, furniture & plants.

Take it All Back

Directed, produced and edited by Becky Sui Zhen.
Production Design by Phebe Schmidt & Becky Sui Zhen.
Assistant Direction by Phebe Schmidt, Joshua Aylett and Melissa Edwards & Rhys Mitchell.
Cinematography by Joshua Aylett.
Camera Assistant and Additional Cinematography by Jensen Cope.
Colour Grade & Post Production by Chris Tomkins.
Edit Assistance and Effects by Oliver Harlan. 
Hair & Make Up by Lauren Parker.


Infinity Street

Infinity Street

Directed, produced and edited by Becky Sui Zhen.
Cinematography by Joshua Aylett, assisted by Jensen Cope.
Additional art direction by Phebe Schmidt, with help from Myf Doughty & Laura Coady.


Tornado Wallace featuring Sui Zhen

Directed & Produced by Antuong Nguyen / DOP: Michael Hurren / Edit: Antuong Nguyen
Costume Design & Art Department: Adam Wood / Hair & Makeup: Helen Nguyen & Larissa Boyd
Art Direction: Antuong Nguyen/ Camera Assistant: Jordan Kaye/ Production Assistant: Alec Reade
Text Design: Sam Chisholm /Japanese Translation: Ai Yamamoto /Rotoscoping: Jason James
Colour Grade: Nicholas Hower / Behind-The-Scenes Photography: Jordan Kaye



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