Hello Sui Zhen!



Sui Zhen is the multi-disciplinary practice of artist and musician Becky Sui Zhen. Over the years, Becky’s eclectic taste and distinct conceptual interests have led her electronic pop into its own uncanny terrain. Some of her recent activities include reinterpreting the score of Chris Marker’s cult film essay Sans Soleil for Hear My Eyes; co-producing audio experiences for the Art Gallery of NSW; features on releases with Tornado Wallace, Retiree & HTMLflowers; and most notably inventing Susan – an alter-ego who manifested on her latest album and in film clips Take it All Back and Hangin’ On. Through Susan, Becky explores the notion of self in the digital landscape, specifically the trappings of curated social media personas and the shallowness of existence within this plane.

Following the tragic passing of her mother in 2018, Becky’s latest work reflects on the experience of grief through expansive, atmospheric soundscapes, spoken-word and improvisation. Coupled with her more familiar synth-pop songs, the new Sui Zhen live set unfolds like a narrative from a dream. 

In her next album ‘Losing, Linda’, set for release in June 2019, Becky explores a new persona, Linda: a digital doppelgänger and avatar through which she questions the possibility of death in the digital age.


Sui Zhen – Live Band

Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Samples / Becky Sui Zhen
Synths, Backing Vocals / Casey Hartnett
Bass, Backing Vocals / Liv Jansz
Drum machines, Synths / Andrew Noble



Photo by  Ian Laidlaw  at Sugar Mountain Festival 2017

Photo by Ian Laidlaw at Sugar Mountain Festival 2017